Initial Order Packs without Raisin Bar

Along with Oatmeal Raisin Bar (Item#232) discontinuation, there are some changes in following Initial Order Packs effective August 2013 or supply lasts;

【Item】#405 / 3BC Nutritional 400Point Pack
HealthPak(1), Usanimals(1), USANA Probiotic(1),Proflavanol C100(1), Active Calcium(1),BiOmega(1),
CoQuinone30(1), Ginkgo-PS(1),Procosa(1), Visionex(1), Hepasil DTX(1), Rev3/28pk(1), Suio Soap (1)

【Item】#404 / 1250Point Entrepreneur Pack
HealthPak(1), Usanimals(1), USANA Probiotic(1), Proflavanol C100(3), Active Calcium(2),
BiOmega(3), CoQuinone30(3), Ginkgo-PS(2), Procosa(2), Visionex(2), Hepasil DTX(2),
Rev3/28pk(2), Nutrimeal Vanilla(1),Gentle Daily Cleanser(2), Hydrating Toner(2), Daytime
Protective Emulsion(2) Night Renewal(2), Perfecting Essence(2), Eye Nourisher(2), Energizing
Shower Gel(2), Revitalizing Shampoo(2), Nourishing Conditioner(2), Blender Bottle(1),
DLM fee(4Weeks×1) Free convention registration form

Also it is appreciated if you notify the changes when the above initial orders are introduced.

Oatmeal Raisin Bar will be discontinued

Due to the production reason, we regret to inform you of “Oatmeal Raisin Bar: Item# 232” will be discontinued around the end of July 2013 or until supply lasts.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

To people who order “Oatmeal Raisin Bar: Item# 232” on Autoship;
Please make a change on your Autoship until Tuesday before your Autoship cycle week by calling Customer Service at 0120-537-817(Toll Free) or through USANA Today. If change is not made, “Oatmeal Raisin Bar: Item# 232” will be removed from your Autoship after the end of July.

We appreciate your deep understanding.

[ IMPORTANT] Additional rule is newly added to existing Password Policy

The new rule is “you may not include any part of your name or your user ID in your password”. Also “change at least two characters from the previous password” has been added to "New Password Requirements". Please change your password from here to USANA Today.

News for English speakers locates in Japan

Dear, USANA Distributors who speaks English and live in Japan,

USANA Japan is going to start to this official PR blog for you.
You may find important notices, local event news not only International but especially held in Japan.
It’s great pleasure for us to provide you these information as we believe some of you might miss them and be hard to get this kind of information on other media.

The contents will be basically correspondent with USANA News of Japan which is distributed by email from USANA Japan in Japanese and copy after the translation in English.

We would appreciate your feedback to improve this blog.

USANA Staff.

USANA Japan Inc

Author:USANA Japan Inc
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